The Tokyo Diaries

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I recently went on a trip to Japan, and I had the best time there! The culture of the Japanese people is nothing like I’ve seen before, and it’s nowhere near how we do things here in the Philippines (that goes for both the good and the bad things). They are probably one of the most precise people I’ve come across, looking for perfection from their transportation system, to their fruits, even to their environment. Their culture simply exudes discipline.

I was so amazed by this and I wanted to share EVERYTHING so I decided to do a series of blog posts and videos to give you a chance to see the sights from my point of view. I hope some of these posts would be helpful when you start planning for your own trip (be it for Japan or anywhere else). I’ll be calling these posts as the “Tokyo Diaries,” so that it would be easier for you to look for these posts, and perhaps even binge-read them before you take that trip!

I’m so excited to share everything with you!

Happy Reading!

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