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Monster Out with ‘Rampage’

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I was able to watch an advanced screening of Rampage last April 10 (thanks, Wave fam!) and gentle reminder: this article WILL contain some light spoilers. *wink wink*

Rampage is a science fiction monster movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Naomie Harris. It’s based loosely on the video game of the same name released in 1986…except you control a human that got turned into a monster; fun, right?

Image from Warner Bros.

The movie starts off with an experiment gone wrong in a space station, killing everyone but a lone survivor who escapes just in time, tagging along with her three experiment samples she’s supposed to return to earth. Due to unavoidable circumstances, however, her escape pod explodes, with her dying in the process, and the three experiment samples getting thrown off in three different locations in the state of Illinois. The intensity of the first sequence set the tone for the entire movie. Not hesitating to go all-out, it definitely left me hanging on to my seat wanting for more.

Image from Warner Bros.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of The Rock (hello, WWE!), but comparing this film with Jumanji, Dwayne Johnson’s performance was nothing worth noting, but the humor and heart of his character, primatologist and anti-poaching unit head Davis Okoye, was what kept him interesting. Clichés bombarded Naomie Harris’ Dr. Kate Caldwell, but for some odd reason, it worked well with this film. Malin Akerman (Dr. Claire Wyden) and Jake Lacey (Brett Wyden) project an unusual rapport as siblings despite the stereotype their rather interesting dynamic presented (with one being the smart and the other one the dumb one). The two provided campy humor whenever they would enter the screen together, leaving the audience waiting for the next jabs they would throw at each other.

Image from Warner Bros.

In my book, the most notable character in this movie would have to be the Albino silverback gorilla, George. This lovable character – who’s just as confused with what’s happening to him as everyone else – easily captures the audience’s hearts. This gorilla’s raunchy but somehow entertaining humor was probably the best part of this movie (in my opinion…I mean, seriously, a gorilla who CAN communicate using sign language and knows how to flash the middle finger??? Amirght???). And to top it all off, that sequence towards the end of the spectacular fight scene did a great job making every single member of the audience gasp for breath. And no, I’m not going to spoil the movie any more than I have. Trust me; you’ll gasp just like everyone else when you finally get to watch it.

Image from Warner Bros.

This shoulder-flinching film will have you tied up in knots with its on-point deliverance of a monster movie. The CGI and effects were amazing and beautifully executed, and while it lacks in character development, the action packed scenes definitely make up for it.


Rampage comes out April 12, 2018 in cinemas nationwide.

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