Melissa Shoes Meets Its New Style Maven: Tessie Singson

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It is today in the twenty-first century that the power of youth is most evident. There are those times, however, when certain types of people come along and try to challenge conventions that are being followed at present, proving yet again that fashion cannot be limited by age.

One such person is Tessie Singson.

Known to thousands on social media as Lola Androgynous, Singson’s soft spot for fashion began at an early age, when her mother would serve as her personal “stylist,” picking her clothes for her as she is the only girl in a family with four siblings (“I grew up with three very butch brothers,” she states).

With some assistance from her son, fashion blogger JP Singson, from whom she found inspiration from a decade ago, she was introduced to gender-neutral stylings pioneered by strong, stylish personalities. Lola Androgynous shares, “He knows exactly what I like and what looks great on me. I look up to strong, stylish women like fashion blogger, Lyn Slater (Icon Accidental), and style icon, Iris Apfel. These women are not afraid to express themselves through fashion and inspire women like me to dress unapologetically. They are living examples that you can still have fun with what you wear, regardless of age.” She has since begun to share her outfits online, leading to chronicling her outfits on a fashion blog her son had created, now made more accessible via Instagram.

Lola Androgynous has also underscored the importance of good footwear, often having a tendency to become a statement piece. According to her, it can become the ‘make or break’ of an outfit.

Enter Melissa Shoesand its latest campaign.

#MeInMelissa is the latest campaign by the iconic Brazilian footwear maker, which aims to feature passionate and successful women whose distinct and individual styles would represent the brand in its 2018 Open Vibes collection.

What caught Lola Androgynous’ fancy was the brand’s low-maintenance and comfortable approach to stylish footwear. She has expressed a love for the variety of styles that the brand has to offer, emphasizing that there is at least one pair that you would suit your tastes.

Lola Androgynous is a perfect example that one can never be too young to have irreverent fashion tastes; this is the defining quality that makes her a #MeInMelissa Style maven.

About Melissa

Melissa is an iconic global footwear brand from Brazil. Established in 1979, Melissa is highly regarded for its avant-garde designs, sustainable materials, and collaborations with a number of high-profile names from the world of art and fashion.

From sexy stilettos to fabulous flats, Melissa shoes have brought fashion and comfort to new heights. Melissa brings the future of fashion to the world.

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