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Everyst Stories: Bringing the Story to You

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Have you ever experienced getting caught over a series of tweets on twitter and then find yourself waiting for the next tweet like it was a story? Ever wondered what it would be like to be “within” the story that you’re reading, as if it was happening in real-time?

Well…. That’s what Everyst brings to the table to readers.


The new digital platform, enabling readers to experience stories on the go through “social fiction,” was introduced to the Philippine market in a press conference at the super cute anime-themed Y Café in Salcedo Village, Makati City. The stories being narrated by its international roster of creatives are told through a series of character-written tweets published both on Everyst’s mobile app and on Twitter. And now that it has proven to be successful in Asia, Everyst has begun to venture into our local market by developing new, original stories with their locally-grown talents.


Masi Oka & Ben Watanabe


CEO Ben Watanabe spoke highly of the talent pool available in the Philippines, leading him to consider putting up a Manila-based artist incubator. I got a chance to have  one-on-one interview with him, talking about the incubator space as well as some other things and you can watch it here:

I’m currently hooked on “The Convenience Store” and to be honest, the characters are suuuuuuper relatable!

You can download the Everyst app for iOS here and for Android here.

Happy reading!


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