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5 Summer must-haves for 2018!

The Holy Week holiday may be over, but summer’s definitely just getting started! Here are my top must-haves that you should always have in your bag during the vacation: Belo SunExpert Protection from the sun should always take priority during this season; I mean, we don’t exactly want to go back to work or school with such hideous tan lines and burnt skin or ugly rashes, do we? Since its launch last year, I’ve been using Belo’s After Sun Gel, Tinted Sunscreen, and Hair and Scalp Shield R E L I G O U S L Y. These three products* are perfect, most especially if you’re the type who loves to frolic under the sun or swim in the salty sea for extended amounts of time. Trendy swimsuits from Jukaykay Jukaykay has always been known for its quirky clothes, and they’re definitely not short of that with their line of…

MilkyWrites for MYX VJ Search 2018??

I’ve always wanted to become a MYX VJ. That’s why I’ve finally (finally!) decided to do something about it in time for the MYX VJ Search 2018. I made this video to serve as my “audition” of sorts. I’d really love it if you could show some support by clicking the thumbs up tab and sharing this on your walls, as well! Here’s the link: Let me know what you guys think of the video! You think I’ll make it?