Wangskin Lip Tattoo: Your lips’ best friend

Growing up, the first cosmetic product I learned to put on was a lipstick. It seemed like such an easy process; I would end up wearing different shades each day. Now that I’m all grown up, I have since realized that applying lipstick can be quite a precise activity (and yes, with more than one process); it’s just as delicate as putting on eye make-up or even doing your contour. Here’s a question, though: what happens when you’re in a rush? You only have enough time to apply your basic powder and lipstick and hope to God that it lasts all day. Or maybe you’re travelling and your baggage can’t accommodate your lipsticks, lip liners, lip scrubs, etc. anymore? What do you do? Well, I suggest you do what I do: I use my Wangskin lip tattoo! This lip product is amazing and it lasts you so much longer than…

AmazeSKIN time with Banana Boat Dry Balance!

Summer’s here, and while splashing in the waters makes for a good way to cool ourselves down, our delicate skin isn’t exactly protected from the scorching heat of the sun. I’ll save you some time figuring out which sunblock brands work and which ones don’t because I’ve tried this one out and let me tell you: IT WORKS. Want to know what I’m talking about? Keep reading.