AmazeSKIN time with Banana Boat Dry Balance!

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Summer’s here, and while splashing in the waters makes for a good way to cool ourselves down, our delicate skin isn’t exactly protected from the scorching heat of the sun. I’ll save you some time figuring out which sunblock brands work and which ones don’t because I’ve tried this one out and let me tell you: IT WORKS. Want to know what I’m talking about? Keep reading.

You guys, I’m talking about Banana Boat’s new DRY BALANCE sunscreen which comes in spray and lotion forms. I’ll be honest about being skeptic with trying this one out because I’ve used different sunscreen brands before and nothing seemed to work at the time; I’d always end up sunburnt no matter how religious I apply it.

To put this new product to the test, the awesome guys from Banana Boat Philippines brought me as well as a couple of other bloggers and dear friends from the press to Pico de Loro where they held the first ever AmazeSKIN Race. Needless to say, I got SUPER competitive. Oops! (Also, shout out to my super awesome teammates: Derek Cruz of Wave 89.1 and Elyse Ilagan and Cheska Testa from One Mega Group)

To test Banana Boat’s new product, they put us through the “AmazeSKIN Race;” each station is designed to prove to withstand 7 real life conditions: sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand, and extreme heat. The entire experience brought out the competitive kid in me and it was a great way to get to know my teammates, as well.

After the race, we had the afternoon to ourselves to explore Pico de Loro. Derek and I chose to lounge by the pool with Elyse and Cheska. I wanted to see just how powerful Banana Boat’s DRY BALANCE was so I purposefully stayed in parts of the pool where the sun was beaming.

The afternoon ended with an awarding ceremony. While my team lost, I think the new product has won our hearts, or at least mine. I have to be honest; I had my doubts and reservations about it but GADDAMN, GUYS! I was under the sun for like more than 4 hours??? AND I DID NOT GET SUNBURNED. I wish I took a before-and-after photo of my skin just to give you a good idea, but I got too engrossed with all the activities that were happening. The new Banana Boat DRY BALANCE sunscreen really works! Its spray-on was so easy to use, and it had none of that unpleasant chemical scent. My favorite was the lotion variant, though; it’s lightweight, smelled super good and the best part? It wasn’t sticky! I felt unbelievably fresh the entire time I was under the sun.

Make sure to pack in a tube of Banana Boat’s DRY BALANCE Sunscreen on your next adventure! Oh, and if you’re curious about the AmazeSKIN Race, don’t worry! Banana Boat will be closing the summer season by giving everyone the chance to experience The AmazeSKIN Race in Subic! Watch out for that here on the blog and on Banana Boat’s social media accounts for more info.


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