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5 Summer must-haves for 2018!

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The Holy Week holiday may be over, but summer’s definitely just getting started! Here are my top must-haves that you should always have in your bag during the vacation:

  1. Belo SunExpert

Protection from the sun should always take priority during this season; I mean, we don’t exactly want to go back to work or school with such hideous tan lines and burnt skin or ugly rashes, do we? Since its launch last year, I’ve been using Belo’s After Sun Gel, Tinted Sunscreen, and Hair and Scalp Shield R E L I G O U S L Y. These three products* are perfect, most especially if you’re the type who loves to frolic under the sun or swim in the salty sea for extended amounts of time.

  1. Trendy swimsuits from Jukaykay

Jukaykay has always been known for its quirky clothes, and they’re definitely not short of that with their line of swimsuits. You’ll be sure to find one that’ll match your style without breaking the bank! Here’s the best part: they’re stretchy AF! Imagine this: a free-sized swimsuit actually fit me – and it fits snug and perfectly! Check them out on their Instagram shop (@jukaykayatbp) or catch them on one of their next bazaar adventures.

photo from jukaykay



  1. Stylish sunnies from Nicole Syjuco

If edgy, stylish, but STILL functional is what you’re aiming for, Nicole Syjuco’s got all that just for you. Visit her Instagram shop (@shopnicolesyjuco)  and you’ll be greeted by an array of sunnies of different colors and styles, perfect to go with your summer look!

  1. Raspberry flavored iced tea from SOLA

How do you beat the summer heat? With a cool drink! The Sola Iced Tea** we all know and love is now available in cans! By the way, it’s incredibly easy to bring around with you, and you won’t have to worry about breaking the glass bottle it usually comes with, as well! Nothing short of flavorful, this drink will surely quench that thirst you’ll feel all day (and even all night *wink wink*).

  1. A good summer playlist!

Nothing could be better than chilling by the pool or frolicking in the sand with awesome music playing in the background! I mean, who doesn’t like to hear good music, right? Some recommendations for the summer, you ask? Here’s 5 from my playlist:

On a side note, you can hear 3 of the 5 songs on Wave 89.1. Just Saying 😉

How about you? What are YOUR summer must-haves? Hit me up and let me know!






*Belo SunExpert products are available in leading department stores, drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

**Sola Iced Tea in can is available at all branches of 7/11 nationwide, Lawsons, All Day, Landmark, Cash&Carry, Hi-Top, Makati Supermarket, San Mig Avenue, Unimart and Robinsons Supermarket in Metro Manila!


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